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Many sites offer tracking features, what makes this one different?

Tracking, How to use it.

Using the XP/Rank tracker is pretty straight forward. The best way to learn how it works is to use it.
All you need is a username and password to start. Once you have a username and password (and are logged in)
simply look up someone's stats on the hiscores page, then from the Tracking drop down menu choose
Start Tracking, Then at any time from the Tracking drop down menu click My Tracking.
There you can view all the players you are tracking and manage your tracked data,
view, reset, delete, amend name changes, and create links to your results.

Example uses

Test and determine XP rates.
Reset/Start tracking, log into RuneScape, train for an hour, log out. View tracking results
you'll see all XP and Ranks gained for that hour. Accurate real time tracking is a must for
forming efficient training strategies.

A cool test is to track a few Dungeoneering floors, or a farm run. Then view XP gained
across all skills. You may be pleasantly suprised when you see your XP gains.
An Example Link to my tracking data (I happened to catch a bot bust, thus the rank gains with no/little XP earned).
Oh and please excuse my noobish XP gaines.

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